Arrival / Pick: The arrival time is always on the scheduled arrival in accordance with booking confirmation between 14 und 16 o`clock pm. If you notice during the journey that you will probably be late, you should inform us in time. Other arrangements will be arranged in each case with the landlord. The key-takeover must be made in person.

Departure day: Before departure must be the rental properties in fair condition at least 10 o`clock am in the morning made available, unless you mutually agree with landlord on the spot otherwise. Kitchenware / -utensils are cleaned to re-employ. Miscellaneous food and any waste had to disposed of. The key-takeover must be made in person. If the apartment is not cleanly swept we withheld EUR 50,- from the deposit.

Takeover: Please check on the acquisition of the rental property, whether inventory is missing or damaged.

Payment terms:

Downpayment is 25% of the total amount due, overdue, this within 8 days after receiving the booking confirmation. Amount and beneficiary account are given in the booking confirmation. In case of cancellation no refund. We recommend this take out appropriate travel insurance.

The balance is payable in cash in EURO, together with the deposit on the spot on the takeover of the apartment. Pro rata refund for early departure is excluded. We recommend this take out appropriate travel insurance.

A deposit is calculated, the amount resulting from the booking confirmation. The deposit will be deposited in cash in euros. The deposit will be returned with proper transfer of the rental property and after payment of any charges. Amounts for costs, potential damages, etc. at the site to pay in cash, or they are taken from the deposit deducted.

Rental period: The minimum rental period is 7 days. Shorter hours are agreed with the landlord if necessary and possible for an extra charge.

Laundry: Wash towels and bath towels, bed linen and dry towels be provided by the landlord and purified.

Supplies: First equipment toilet paper, hand soap, garbage bags, dishwashing liquid, dish cloths. After fueling the replacement is in duty of the tenant.

Non smoking: Smoking inside the premises is prohibited.

Tourist tax: Is taken over by the landlord.

Air-Conditioning-use:  The price includes air conditioning use. While using the air conditioning windows and doors have to be closed. After leaving the apartment, the air conditioners have to be switched-off

Maximum occupancy: The property must not be occupied by more persons than specified on the booking confirmation. This maximum occupancy includes children and infants, if not otherwise agreed with the landlord. A multi-occupancy will result in immediate expulsion of all persons from the rental property, payments already made will not be refunded.

Pets: Are not allowed. The unauthorized placement leads to the expulsion of the tenants remaining payments already made by the landlord.

Waste disposal: Waste disposal must be made by the tenant. The waste can be discharged to the waste collection points.

Disruptions in performance are regrettably not always avoidable. The landlord agrees in this case as quickly as possible to remedy the situation. Settlements between tenant and landlord are possible. Any defects must notify to the landlord immediately.

Refusal to perform the landlord will automatically force majeure to repay the amounts already paid by the renter. Our information is important for technical and legal reasons. Look at this, however, especially from the point of clarification. Please note all information in tenders, in the instruction sheets and on the booking confirmation.

We wish you a pleasant journey and nice holidays


(standing of 08/2012, no liability assumed)